Socket DLL (Client and Server)

DLL Socket (version 1) Dependencies: Newtonsoft JSON ObjectDatabase Makes for very easy Client/Server socket communication. Included in Archive: 1. The DLL 2. .doc explaining functionality 3. Examples (Server & Client) (VS2010 Projects) 4. Examples (Server & Client) (Compiled) Download: Version 1

Rar all subfolders in a given folder with windows batch

What we are going to do is use winrar command line to archive all folders in a given folder in their own archive, split by ~50 megabytes, and then group all linked archives in their own subfolder. Just set the harddisk drive letter and main folder and you’re good to go! C: SET “origloc=C:\RarIt” cd […]

Grouping multiple split-up RAR archives by folder with Windows batch file

If you have a folder with alot of split-up RAR archives that you need to group in sub-directories, this batch script will save you alot of time! In this example we assume the folder containing the archives is “C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\test” with archives like: trequetry.part01.rar trequetry.part02.rar trequetry.part03.rar and replokitro.part01.rar replokitro.part02.rar replokitro.part03.rar replokitro.part04.rar and so on. We now […]

Using Bat for simple SSH commands on multiple servers

Requires; plink This bat script will allow you to quickly perform tasks on multiple servers. This will save you time if you are currently still using Putty or something similar to log into each server individually all the time, to execute a command on each one. First, we create a menu with server choices. ———————————– […]