Rar all subfolders in a given folder with windows batch

What we are going to do is use winrar command line to archive all folders in a given folder in their own archive, split by ~50 megabytes, and then group all linked archives in their own subfolder. Just set the harddisk drive letter and main folder and you’re good to go! C: SET “origloc=C:\RarIt” cd […]

Grouping multiple split-up RAR archives by folder with Windows batch file

If you have a folder with alot of split-up RAR archives that you need to group in sub-directories, this batch script will save you alot of time! In this example we assume the folder containing the archives is “C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\test” with archives like: trequetry.part01.rar trequetry.part02.rar trequetry.part03.rar and replokitro.part01.rar replokitro.part02.rar replokitro.part03.rar replokitro.part04.rar and so on. We now […]