Switchable content

Code Behind Extend the ContentControl class to add a template selector to it Main.xaml -Resource imports the templates/styles file (see below). -In this example content in column 1 is switchable via ContentControlEx (see above) based on what item is selected in xyz (in column 0, which is a listbox/treeview etc) As you can see, content […]

Could not find this item is no longer located in X FIX

1) Open up Command Prompt (CMD) 2)type in cd then the location of the file ex. cd C:\Windows.old\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\SecuROM\UserData 3)type in dir /x 4)Next to the file you want to delete it will say the files 8.3 name (ex. FILENA~1 or 9926~1) 5)type del then the files 8.3 name ex. del 9926~1 After this is done, […]

Fix windows boot sector

1. Put the Windows 7 installation disc in the disc drive, and power cycle your PC after setting it to boot from CD Drive in BIOS. 2. Press a any key when you are prompted & select [language, time, currency, keyboard etc.] & click Next . Select Repair Your Computer option in the dialog window. […]

Getting taskkill to work on windows network

In order to get taskkill to work, and get rid of the “RCP server not available” error, run the following command on the target computer: netsh firewall set service RemoteAdmin enable And turn off UAC. I haven’t found a way to get this working with UAC turned on. Kept saying I was inputting an invalid […]

FileDatabase DLL

DLL FileDatabase (version 1) Dependencies: Newtonsoft JSON ObjectDatabase Optional: Socket File Database stores it’s files by userID + filename + expected filesize. All files have a unique ID, so a user can store multiple files with the same name. Subfolder names are automatically generated using MD5. Also allows for uploading over Tcp Socket. Included in […]

ObjectDatabase DLL

DLL ObjectDatabase (version 1) Dependencies: Newtonsoft JSON ObjectDatabase makes it really easy to maintain Objects. Also provides for automated saving / loading Objects to/from the Hard Disk. Included in Archive: 1. The DLL 2. .doc explaining functionality Download: Version 1